Proposed Wiki Structure

Admins & Moderators, please make suggestions as to how we should structure the wiki.


  • SL Bloggers Group Events
  • New SL Bloggers
  • The Blogroll
  • Hot Blogs/Hot posts

Vint Falken-

  • Blogs (categories: life-blog, building & scripting, business, metaverses, steampunk, …)
  • SLBLoggers group activities
  • SLBLogland
  • Tips 'n Tricks + Tutorials (catogories: blogging, building, scripting, snapshotting, …)
  • Memes (for things that are really picking up, 'memes')
  • Cool posts => in catogeries too , do not forget 'humor'

From Zoe-
My suggestions:

Keep the front page as clean as possible but provide an
easy to follow navigation throughout the site. Setup a page
for each section with a nav sidebar.

I would also make the frontpage/welcome page a bit spiffier
with perhaps an added SLBloggers Logo. One that we can
use on the inworld group as well. That way there's a clearer
and recognizable group identity.

So my question becomes, which of these sections will work best as wiki pages, and which will work best in the forum?

I'd do the memes and cool posts in the forums. The other on the wiki.

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