Slblogmeet June 16th 2007


By a 38% margin, the theme for the next party will be SciFi. Formal came in a close second at 31%. If you want to dress formal SciFi, that would be fine. :) (Veyron)


As there wasn't decided upon a time yet, I suggest an hour past midnight my time (so actually Sunday), which would make midnight CET and 2pm SLT/PST. Feel free to suggest otherwise though. I'll probably be late myself. Hell, it's Saturday night. :p


Things we could talk/argue about:

  • To mainland, to island or not to land.
  • 'What are your favorite blog tools? Do you favor one platform over another? Have you tried blogHUD? Other kinds of cross-platform tools? Dalien’s DeliHUD? Do you think the networking or bookmark tools increase your traffic? How do you promote your blog? Do you care?' (as suggested by Alex)
  • Will Chloe make it to the meet using SLeek? Can someone help Chloe to get SLeek to run?
  • Who should report to whom: the Paine Principle Group hiarchy. ;)
  • How to use and not use the Second Life Bloggers group. (Is me sending out notices about new bloggers ok with everyone? Any more ideas? etc.)
  • No offense to either Zoe or Veyron seeing the amount of time they put into this, but I think the SLBlogosphere blog is a bit unstructured. Can we brainstorm about a platform for gathering the same information, but a bit more 'structured' (tags, blog categories, …)? (Vint?)
  • The 'Open Grid' principle. (Dalien?)
  • Neko ears vs. bunny ears. (Dakota?)
  • How to move your blog to a self hosted WordPress install. (DesertWolf Longstaff?)
  • This Wiki!
  • … ?

What we will we probably mention too (when looking at previous meetings):

Guns, blade-thingies, SLex, SLphotography, SLelections, Zoe MIA (although that should be solved by the blogmeet, I hope), my move-to-WordPress rant, Tobie looking cute, Wrath's astonishing abs (I hope he worked out some more after last blogmeet), …


Do we transcribre? Log chat, clean up chat, publish, … ? And who will do that?


As I understood, Veyron will be hosting this meeting and she has a nice suprise for us. Also, her land is damage enabled so bring your shields as I shall personally shoot/cage the first person to mention 'CTR', 'monetize' or related words. As the Holodeck people were as nice as to give me a new 'moonscape' after I somehow broke the one I had, I'll be setting up the holodeck with moonscape so we can all bounce around weightless a bit to match our SfiFi theme.

Who's coming?

Coming to say 'Hi!'

Sorry, can not/do not want to attend.

  • Timothy Lilliehook can not attend :( (UPDATE: did make it later, yay!)
  • Add your name here
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